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April 04, 2014
In this ad: I am offering a job Company Name: scope solutions Position Type: Part-time Salary Range: Rs 11,000 - Rs 16,000 Monthly Data entry task available for both male and female. Feel free to contact for further details and join us.
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April 02, 2014
In this ad: I am offering a job Company Name: Multi National Company Position Type: Full-time Salary Range: Rs 15,000 - Rs 55,000 Monthly Are you searching for a career? Do you want a better income? Do you want to achieve something in your life? Do you want to live a successful life? Well you can get an opportunity to start your career from our Organization. our  organization is one of the biggest Company in the World  Its aim is to provide Health & Wealth and a high quality of life to people all over the World. So come if you want to change your life, if ...
  • Legal Jobs in Ghanche
February 01, 2014
In this ad: I am offering a job Company Name: Onlinepakadsssss Position Type: Full-time Type: Manager Multile jobs are available... you are welcome to join us......
  • Legal Jobs in Ghanche
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